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Forensic medical device accident investigator and expert witness Mark Bruley researches medical accidents.
Nullius in verba means "take nobody's word for it."

 "Nullius in Verba" 

Take nobody's word for it.

Motto of the Royal Society of London for Improving Natural Knowledge.


Certified clinical engineer and biomedical engineer Mark Bruley is an internationally renowned forensic medical technology accident investigator. For more than 40 years at ECRI, a world class patient safety institute, he had worked with clinicians on the front lines of healthcare to curb the aftermath of serious medical device related accidents and help prevent future occurrences, plus he's been a dedicated researcher to end surgical fires that sometimes kill or maim patients in operating rooms. He has played a pivotal role in solving numerous medical device mysteries.


Patient safety has benefited through his investigation of thousands of serious or fatal medical device accidents.


Medical devices are any and all pieces of equipment, products, and supplies that can fail, be improperly used or implanted, or become contaminated. They range from MRI machines, surgical staplers and artificial joints, to infant incubators, ECG heart monitors and hospital beds, from defibrillators, medication delivery pumps, home dialysis systems and ventilators to operating room equipment like electronic scalpels and lasers, endoscopes, and surgical robotic systems.

See the Devices 1 and Devices 2 pages for examples from investigations.


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