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Since 1977, over the course of his 42 year career at ECRI Institute, Mr. Bruley lectured or taught on healthcare technology topics at more than 300 domestic and international venues. His international engagements have taken him to Australia, Cameroon, Canada, China, England, France, Hong Kong, Malaysia, The Netherlands, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Singapore.


He most frequently presents on medical device hazards; medical device accident recognition, investigation, and prevention; medical technology problem reporting programs and related FDA regulations; medical device risk management; the assessment, selection, acquisition, and management of medical equipment; implant tracking; surgical fires; the causes of accidental skin "burns" during surgery; and re-use of disposable medical devices.


National news networks have quoted Mr. Bruley related to a host of medical technology hazards.


In 1998 he appeared on ABC 20/20 discussing prevention of surgical fires on patients. Progress has been made but sadly, in November 2017 surgical fires remain enough of a hazard that the war has not entirely been won and he was again interviewed by ABC on Good Morning America about the renewed push by him and his like-minded colleagues to eliminate this continuing surgical hazard. 

Mark Bruley, medical mystery author and lecturer.
Surgical fire in an operating room. Fire on patient during surgery.
Mark Bruly surgical fire expert speaker lecture.
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