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An engrossing narrative about his fascinating decades long career of solving medical device accident mysteries (and suspected crimes) is being detailed in an upcoming book. In collaboration with veteran award winning crime writer Sue Russell, Mark's life story is told through his most intriguing cases—from his collaboration with Claus von Bulow, to investigating suspected murder with medical equipment for police in England, to helping the neurosurgeon on call for the President of the United States to avoid setting his surgical patients on fire. 


ABC NEWS   November 24, 2017

Good Morning America Video

"Inside the renewed push to prevent surgical fires."

News Articles

Published works by Mr. Bruley include more than 160 journal articles and book chapters. Click below to download his bibliography.

Recent "Medical Mystery" 

Guest Columns by Mark Bruley

for the Sunday Health Section

of The Philadelphia Inquirer

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  2. Unexpected Outcome from Liposuction. 6-23-17

  3. Why was toddler left paralyzed by routine injection? 9-15-17

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